In May of 1998, after taking a 5 year detour working with a long time friend, Tom Morgan was ready to get back into his own business. Tom’s wife, Jane, had spent a few years working with Ryder Vehicle Sales up through most of 1997 selling (off lease) medium duty trucks, Class 8 tractors, and trailers building a nationwide customer base.

Tom and Jane were offered an opportunity to sell trucks from the Ryder TRS fleet of Ryder’s One Way Division that was spun off and eventually sold to Budget Truck Rental Inc. The job was simple; they sent Truck-N-Trailer trucks ready to sell and TNT would find a home for them. After three months, there were still trucks to sell, but they were not front line ready – not even “back lot ready”. After being embarrassed upon showing a customer a truck that had just arrived, we began our “200 Point Make-ready Process” that night with the first checklist, which would eventually exceed “200 Points”.

The goal was to make a truck “ready to work”, not just ready to sell. Having owned and operated trucks hauling bulldozers and heavy equipment (in the 1960’s), mobile homes (in the 1970’s), construction office and storage trailers (in the 1980’s), and a trailer sales and repair business, Tom knew what ready to work meant and he knew the value and the time saved with a “ready to work” vehicle. Tom grew up thinking Sunday afternoon was for changing oil / filters and lubing trucks, bulldozers and front end loaders. So he knew you could not go broke buying oil and filters. He knew that when a truck owner buys a truck to use in his business, he wants to make sure the oil is changed, the transmission and rear differential is serviced, good rubber, and tuned up and ready to work. It took about two years to get the process fully implemented at Truck-N-Trailer. This involved investing in shop equipment, electronic diagnostic equipment, parts, and renting a building in a rough part of town. We could not leave a truck outside at this first location.

After moving to our second location on I-35 in Moore, Ok that included an office, a storage yard, two shop building and a wash bay, we were able to increase our inventory, make-ready, and sales capabilities.

Customers began to ask if we could maintain their trucks and keep them in the same condition as they were purchased. Obviously, we could do that but it was harder to come up with a retail process and pricing method than we thought. With the direct involvement of Kirk Booth, our Service Manager, we were able to open the shop to our retail customers and continue to expand products and services to this day.

After surviving a three year Eminent Domain battle in Moore, Ok at the I-35 location, and a move to a temporary (smaller) location, Truck-N-Trailer is preparing to serve even more customers with a soon to come state of the art Sales and Service facility on I-240 in Oklahoma City, just a short distance from our temporary and current location.

We look forward to providing the best sales and service experience for all of our current and future customers.